We are pleased to announce the release of the first five country reports, detailing levels of political participation of EU mobile citizens! These reports, issued by the GLOBALCIT country experts of the European University Institute, cover Austria, Denmark, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia.

Some of the obstacles identified include the lack of automatic voter registration for local elections resulting in a burdensome process (Greece, Hungary), the lack of automatic registration for European Parliament elections (Slovenia), and the lack (or limited availability) of easily accessible information on registration procedures (Austria, Denmark).

Among potential solutions to tackle the challenges, the authors recommend centralising information on the elections, making information more available in EU languages other than the local language (especially English), implementing a single registration process for EU citizens upon entry to avoid renewal before every election, and more public debate on the meaning of EU citizenship and on the rights of all EU citizens.

Find full reports here:

Stay tuned for upcoming FAIR EU reports from all other EU Member States!

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