Brussels Elections 2018

Local elections affect EU citizens’ quality of life.

Non-Belgian mobile citizens make up around 35% of residents across Brussels and over half of the residents in 13 neighbourhoods. Most of them are EU Citizens.

Not many people know that EU mobile citizens in Belgium can vote in the local elections on 14 October 2018. Unlike Belgian citizens they can register or DE-register to vote any time they want up until 31 July.

Local transparency is higher priority issue for people in Belgium than for most in Western Europe. Over 1 in 3 Brussels residents think that people working in local government are involved in corrupt practices, compared to around 20% in Charleroi & 15% in Antwerp or Ghent.

The VoteBrussels campaign led by MPG under the framework of FAIREU is run by volunteers who are organizing training sessions to encourage EU mobile citizens to take part in the local elections.

Find out what the priorities of your local commune are here!
If you would like to join the training please contact Thomas Huddleston.


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