Following a highly successful voter registration round-up carried out by the VoteBrussels campaign organised by FAIR EU parter Migration Policy Group, we are ready for the next phase of our project. We are pleased to announce that our crowdsourcing platform, aimed at crowdsourcing citizens’ opinions has officially kicked off!

We have launched the crowdsourcing with our very first questionnaire, aimed at identifying obstacles to free movement and political participation for EU Mobile Citizens.

Do you live in a foreign country?
Ever had any problems when taking part in your host country’s political life?
Ever feel like you have encountered more obstacles than local residents?
If your answer to one or more of the above is YES – then JOIN IN!

Help us understand what the main obstacles to political participation for EU mobile citizens are!

Voting in your host country must not be a problem. We want to make sure mobile EU citizens do not
encounter obstacles to political participation anywhere in the EU!

Under FAIR EU we are trying to identify reasons to explain why turnout has been so low, but we need your help.

Answering our questionnaire only take 3-4 minutes of your time – your answers will greatly contribute to the successful outcome of our study. All contributions are greatly appreciated


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